Hand Turned Artisan Bowl Collection

Put your imagination to work and find many ways to use our laminated bowls.  At the least, you should get a conversation going about how they are made!  Each piece is individually rough-cut, glued to the next piece, and so on until a circle is completed.  Then they are turned on a lathe until rounded and perfect.  No two are ever exactly alike!  A durable lacquer completes the satiny, smooth look and felt dots on the bottom prevent furniture scratches.

A Gift of Wood offers two different sizes of bowls.  The larger 7 inch diameter bowls are 4 inches high.  The smaller bowls have a diameter of 6 inches and are 3 1/2 inches high.  Please keep in mind that each bowl is individually turned and may vary slightly in size.

Display them by themselves, add a plastic liner for a plant, or make a silk flower arrangement.  You're sure to find many uses and they also make beautiful gifts!  

Wood bowl made in WisconsinWood bowl made in Wisconsin                            Wood bowl made in WisconsinWood bowl made in Wisconsin

                           Large Bowls                                                                                          Small Bowls 

Please click on the link below the picture of the bowl you are interested in for more details.